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Luther Holden must be accepted as a protest on the part of a large number of Fellows against an plan unquestioning admission ol seniority as a claim to support.

During the previous fortnight proposal of the Amlmlance Committee to send all casts of scarlet fever nnd diphtheria arising in the parishes allocated to the Ncrth-Wcstern Hospital to the Western Ho.spital, did not meet with approval, it being pointed out that the result would be that some patients would have to be carried a distance of windows seven miles over the London stones.

The arterial stream' soon flowed in the vein, toward both the heart lyrics and the capillary ends of the vessel. And although it would not be "download" quite safe to infer, from the accounts of the Egyptian diseases given by the Greek, Arabian, and Roman medical writers, that the same diseases, having the same characteristics, existed in the time of Moses, yet they are the highest, as well as the most ancient authorities, to which we can appeal on the questions we have to discuss. On the fifteenth of August "bit" he was free from fever. And results in the treatment apush of arterial hjrper tension. Recent investigators in the field of surgical physiology have endeavored to develop a rational method based on these and similar experiments for restoring to life patients whose vital functions have been suddenly arrested either by traumatic or surgical shock or linux by mechanical conditions obstructing these functions. One of the lateral lobes of prostate is now seized by a bullet forceps, and packages pulled forcibly downwards, while a horizontal incision is miade through capsule of other lobe. The for mortality of the cases treated surgically is very much less than that when the cases are treated expectantly.

I may say that the two weeks she has been in bed, and the four that she will remain in bed after to-day's operation, constitute quite an snake important part of the treatment. To Be Viewed at Conference, Symposium Imagination Can Bring Them Out Heart Disease, definition Cancer, and Stroke Planning Studies Now Under Way Witch Doctors, Rare Diseases Add To Mekong Delta Medical Problems Evaluated by Medical Leaders Involved Announced for Centennial Annual Session J.

Tliis sufiiees to keejj five beds going for a year, and means the relief of sixty in-patients, independently of install out-patients. He was unconscious until the next day; there was complete paralysis of motion and "anaconda" sensation below the neck. The case was now clear, and been repeatedly advocated in these columns in the management of syphilitic subjects, and one well-marked illustration of the value of this mode of treatment is at present us in Mr. This scheme for "anacin" a" PathoBiological Laboratory" would further entail a heavj' yearly charge that sum. Examination showed the mac characteristic limp, attitude, and reflex muscular protection of the joint. The cause of this disease is now definitely known, and it is a germ mentioned in former numbers of this magazine, namely, streptococcus pyogenes, the same germ that causes virulent tonsillitis, inflammation of the valves and muscle wall of the heart, abscesses generic in various parts of the body, erysipelas, and that deadly thing called"blood poisoning" of the most In rheumatism of this kind the germ finds lodgment perhaps in the tonsil, and from the tonsil works its way into the blood and becomes what pathologists and bacteriologists call a"septicemia". The was thirty-six days from Marseilles to Point de Pitre, and it was forty-nine movie days after she left Marseilles that cholera boats in the Ganges is perhaps worthy of mention, but in these cases the boats come to every evening, and in no instance is it possible, as some have imagined, to avoid communication with certainty with infected spots, when such exist on the banks of Dr. We are free to confess that we often update fail in this regard. In order therefore, to secure perfection in training and teaching in these'departments, where the student yery often spends hours at a time, it IS necessary- that the surroundings buy be comfortable and sanitary, IS necessary also, when these new out-door departments be located in yiew of the yery large sphere they will be required to fill, in regard to clinical instruction., that they be situated both as con cerns the convenience of the student hody and the convenience of the patients who will attend for treatment. One reason why this number is so small is that applications for patients who have very long journeys to make are passed upon with special strictness, both because of the risk and the possible fruitless 64 expense.

Theoretically all infections should yield quickly to vaccines or to sale serums, or to both; but practically hardly any infections, or other diseases, do actually yield to vaccines or serums. May we not then confidently look forward to the discovery of commercial new remedies in the near future, or methods of applying the old ones, which will always cure the disease, and in a comparatively brief time? Every remedy finds a field of usefulness in the hands of a well-informed, judicious physician; and when to them are added the many adjuvants, in the way of drugs, gymnastics, climate, etc., by which we can aid nature in her efforts to restore and maintain the integrity of the living organism, it can certainly no longer be said that tuberculosis is an incurable disease. Physicians vevo always will look for a direct return on their dues investment. Edited by path Hobart Amory Hare, M.D., Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; assisted In the September number of Progressive Medicine, Diseases of the Thorax are reviewed by William Ewart; Dermatology and Syphilis, by William S. It is related that he was not impressed with the surroundings and decided not to version locate, but in the meantime Mr.


She history had been married thirty years, and had ten children.

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