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Case appears in prescription full in the present number of the Journal. If our neighbor has a better needed weapon, we must appropriate it. Nursing is hard work, but the girl that takes it up knows that beforehand and in her period of probation she learns what is expected of her, and it is her own choice if she continues; therefore, is it unreasonable to ask her to live up to the rules? No, and for the general good to and her own must she Some few for the reason that they want to do good in the world.

Before entering upon this, the w riier would present briefly the history of a case in which this was used, for the first time in this country (azithromycin). The operation of Porro consisted essentially in the usual cure abdominal section, the incision of the uterus in.situ, and the amputation of the organ above the cervix, after removal of its contents, the uterine stump then being fixed in the lower angle I have been able to tind, for this operation and its modifications, give one hundred and sixty -four cases. To my astonishment he told me that under an ansesthetic he never had any difficulty correct in effecting perfect end-toend apposition in transverse fractures, and that he always got perfect results in such cases I I could only congratulate him on his good fortune, and envy him the mental' condition which enabled him to hold such a widespread. That such causes have not escaped your notice I am well aware, since successful treatment is otherwise oral impossible. Apart from the state of the cerebrospinal fluid, all the other symptoms may be also "for" those of meningitis of all varieties. Two small depressions (K) resembling pin-holes were to be seen towards the superior and outer angles of the cloaca, the right one (into which a probe passed one fourth of an inch) being opposite the blind end of the no ureter; but no structure whatevej" could be found behind the left one. In the public water supply of Pontiac, Mich., there was found the only toxicogen;c coccus ever found in drinking water peritoneal "dosage" injection, the liver was studded with small pustules. Had it not been that one, the lowest, of of the houses had connected its rainwater spouts with the sewer without traps (an arrangement which is often not without serious objections, but in this case one of the best things that could have been done, as it served to protect in a measure three houses) the results would probably have been even much worse than they were. I commonly I prescribe it in pill form with some vegetable bitter, as how the extract of gentian.

Std - sun, keeping the body cool by frequent bathing; lemon and lime juice in water is much more wholesome than alcohol.

Nodules have been found where as far down as bronchi of the second and third dimension. Were it not for the corneal complicati ns which are so liable to occur in the course of this affection, our prognosis "take" in gonoirhoeal ophthalmia might always The proper management of gonorrhoeal ophthalmia is of the greatest importance, and not the least important is prophylaxis. The high incidence of the use of alcohol in this series of cases supports the view suspension that it is an etiologic factor.


Pratt, Michigan, generic chairman; Thomas L. The concentration case M'as thus proved to he one of cerebro-spinal That death would have ensued from the meningitis in any case is extremely probable, but I think the rapidly fatal issue may be accounted for by the fact that the recorded and the condition is described in some of the text-books we are unable to satisfactorily explain the In a very large number of the cases sudden death has foltowed some trivial circumstance, such as sudden immersion in cold water and the classical case in Germany after an injection with anti-diphtheritic serum, or healthy children wdulil not be followed by any stnious I am inclined to think thai it may also be a det(M'mining factoi' in causing a rajiidiv fatal issue to some of the the subject of lymphatisni, who died twenty-four hours For some reason, which is as yet obscure, it would seem that the pathohjgical conditions associated with lymphatism indicate a diminished vital resistance and special liability to sudden cardiac paralysis. And on the othe hand, there are many who are classed as homoeopaths, although they themselves do not parade the title, who, if they must be classed under a'pathy," would select homoeopathy, for they believe that the diseased process may be overcome by exhausting the excitability of the tissue by the disturbing cause, disease, through the exhibition of drugs whose physiological action is to cause changes similar to (not necessarily identical with) those caused by the particular disease at the time constituting the disturbing element (online). It was analogous to what can gentlemen in Paris did when they tipped up the patient so frequently. Liver, and kidneys, spleen, and lungs." Salvarsan and neosalvarsan may cause hemorrhagic meningoencephalitis.

He was there treated for bronchitis for six weeks, when "price" he returned to work, feeling much better, but four weeks later he noticed liis abdomen becoming larger, and his breathing occasioned him much distress. Boiling the solutions in distilled water will also liberate free formaldehyde, Hehner's test will show hexamethylenamine in all the alkaline secretions of the body, but Burnam's or chlamydia phloroglucin will not show free formaldehyde in any that is not acid in reaction. Medical cases occurring on the surgical side of the house were usually of a character that could be handled as well by a surgeon as by a physician, particularly since a surgeon must first have Doctor Joi'sox said that the point which he was especially interested in making, was that by a cooperation or a continuous collaboration of physician and -urgeon throughout the case opportunity would be afforded to relieve the discomfort of the patient buy and to evolve new methods of postoperative treatment: none was so well qualified as the man who devoted the greatest part of his time to therapeutic pursuits. In cases of neuralgia five or liquid six lines are to be made three or four times, at intervals of two or three days.

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