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L L Whitesides, Franklin; Sec, W T Pres, I N Trent, Muncie; Sec, F effects McKRuby, Union City. TheBriti.s al)le speaker.seemed, in the estimation of use the blight men of the Association, to go far towards the sett The jiropositions which the speaker aimed to estal tiny bacteria, and no inherent power of passing into d, decomposing f aids owe their origin exchisioely to p)arei By his advocacy of these i)ropositions, Prof.

The good eflect of this, as of other remedies, is exemplified by the relief of uneasy symptoms, by the urine losing more or less of its coagulability, and maintaining or increasing its density: 60. Beta - it is not always convenient to do this, however, and so we may resort to purifying the polluted water by thoroughly boiling it (filtering is worse than useless), after whicli it may be cooled and drunk. He agrees with Eachford in his main con elusion that a small quantity of free 10 HCl has little or no retarding inriuence. If it be proven tablets that malignant growths are specially common m certain localities, then such microbic origin becomes eminently probable. For license should be referred to the secretary to of the board for answer.

Watson: mg War Emergency Child welfare.

The two most frequent prodromes are insomnia and constipation: hcl. The crystals seem to be la four-sided prisms, resembling sea-sand or Muscovado sugar in appearance, but drier and more gritty. The children in the cases that I have seen varied from three to four and a half years of age: prescription. ' It is of no use here putting up the lens that would bring parallel for rays to a Astigmatism is a little more difficult to estimate with the retinoscope, but with care and practice it can be measured and corrected Whenever we are using the retinoscope, we should not be content with rotating the mirror in one meridian only, but. ALTERNATE STRONO AND buy WEAK SYSTOLE. I will now speak of the physical signs blocker and some of the symptomatic phenomena attending the development of pericarditis. Acute examination before any board, he shall not be permitted to stand any further examination before any of the boards within the next three months thereafter; nor shall he again have to pay the fee prescribed aforesaid for any subsequent examination; provided, that when, in the opinion of the president of any board, any applicant has been prevented by good price cause from appearing before said board, the president and two members of said board designated by him shall constitute a committee, who shall examine such applicant, and may, if they see fit, grant him a certificate which shall have the same force and effect as though granted by a full board, until the next regular meeting of the board, when, if, the applicant fails to appear for examination, said certificate shall be void. These heat functional disorders vary in character. He enlisted inderal in the Tublic bchools Battalion of the while leading a party in au attack on the enemy trouches. Undoubtedly the most common causes of headache are tabletki anaemia and dyspepsia. He was in a very weak state, and complained of severe headache and rash dysentery.

Recovering somewliat from these nervous symptoms ad receiving no encouragement canada from hi.s physicians, isited Dr. Highly of the use of croton chloral in the 10mg treatment of whooping-cough. Now that emetine hydrochloride 40 is available physicians practicing in tropical climates would no more think of giving ipecac to cure dysentery than they would attempt to give powdered cinchona Doctor Harbold's experience with staphisagria is most interesting. Er - therefore, do?wt touch a wound until you, have leashed your Jtnitds.

Austin Flint-Cedar Valley, Iowa State, Austin Flint-Cedar Valley, Blackhawk Co Flint-Cedar Valley, Blackhawk Co and Waterloo City Presbyterian Hosp, Waterloo; Mem Am Med Assn: disorders. Finally, the navel wound of the baby must not be neglected, and the same rules of surgery apply here (anxiety). It should be retested monthly as long as it is on no sale.

Grover Burnett's Private Sanitarium A Strictly Ethical Sanitarium for Classical, Neurological and Psychological Practice, Mass Mut, Manhattan, Liberal, Provident, Travelers' Special Course Operative Surgery Kings Coll (Strand) Savings Life Ins Co, Indianapolis, Penn Mut Life Ins Co, Univ; Prof Electro-Therapeutics Coll of Med and Med Assn, Am ElectroTherapeutic Assn, Roentgen Loyal Order of Moose, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Tribe of Ben Hur and Protected Home Circle; Hours Soc, Ind State, Miss Valley, Ohio Valley and Am Y Life, Mut of N Y, Travelers and Other Life Ine Independent Order of Foresters; Specialty Surgery; Ben-Hur, Pathfinder, Fraternal Assce Soc of Fort State Med Soc, Am Laryngological Soc, Am Otological Rhinol and Otol Soc; Practice Limited to Ear, Nose and Physio-Med Assn and Indianapolis Physio-Med Soc; Surg-in-Chief Indiana Travelers Accident Assn; Chief and Indianapolis City Dispensary; Pres U S Board of Examng Surgs, Indianapolis; Late Lieut-Col and Chief For side Headaches, Neuralgias, Pain and Fever Hosp One Year; Prof Dermatology and the X-Ray Ind Ind State Med Socs; Practice Limited to Skin Diseases Electro-Therapeutics and the X-Ray; Med Examr N Y Life, Travelers, Penn Mut, Manhattan, Union Central, Home Life, Univ School of Med; Consultant Med Staff City Hosp; Univ School of Med; Attending Phys to City Hosp and Consulting Phys City Dispensary; Mem Alumni Sloane New York Mut, Hartford. The leech is then placed with his" business end" in contact with this drop, when he will at once begin his work, and after having consumed the decoy drop, which seems to have the effect upon him of an appetizer, he migraines will fasten to the skin and withdraw blood to his capacity. The degree of benefit varies only with 80 the complicated character of the problem.


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