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In the absence of a better explanation, it was attributed to the eating of some unripe potatoes containing solanine." that the Trustees of the Eastern Dispensary in New York City are about to hold examinations for the purpose of filling the following positions: One Attending Physician to the Department of General Medicine, baseball one Attending Surgeon to the Department of General Surgery, and two District or Visiting Physicians. The pins were left as found, and a pad firmly placed over them, the mg spica bandage being stitched well to prevent future displacement. This is reputed to act more satisfactorily coffee, taken night and morning, and is useful in sick headache and biliousness, where the generic bowels and liver are sluggish, in worried and overworked patients, and in chronic diarrhea with cutting pains and high-colored stools. These symptoms increased in severity, and he sank gradually, being unconscious for some At the autopsy, the stomach and some of the small intestines were found lying upon the left lung, side which was only one-fifth its usual size, but otherwise healthy. By Sidney Histology and Pathology, Vanderbilt University, 40 Nashville, Tennessee. It is prepared by action of bromin chlorid on sesame oil, in sufficient quantities, theoretically bestellen calculated to produce the It is a yellow, oily liquid, of a purely oleaginous taste, and having a sp. Daily requirements are best administered in zonder divided doses. These symptoms last until the appearance of the flow, when the patient looses a great deal and of blood, and then the pains disappear. Is your listing correct? Please take a moment all information is current, (Check each place your name appears.) If you find an error or omission, or if you will be moving, retiring or changing your telephone number by August To change a directory listing, call or write (Details in July issue of KANSAS MEDICINE) Among the Resolutions adopted by the House of Delegates this month were the following: KFMC was endorsed as the PRO for Kansas for the coming year (voorschrift). The ratio Use of Nitrate of Silver in the Local Treatment of Prostate, with Stereopticon Demonstrations of Specimens, Removal of both Testicles fur Recurrent Carcinoma, On the Effects of Rapid Changes of Altitude in an Advanced FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE. We must be concerned with the philippines minorities. This fibrous zone is never effects very broad; the cheesy centre varies in consistence from a gristle-like toughness to a pulpy softness; it is sometimes mortar-like, from cretaceous change.' (Wilks.) When numerous, the most extensive deformity of the liver is produced in the gradual healing of these gummata. No satisfactory explanation has been given for this recent trend (25). For catalogue and announcement action containing particulars, apply to DR. Boiling it for an hour, with or without uses carbolic acid in the water, renders it perfect for all purposes.

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Dissolve of the mercuric chlorid in The dose of this preparation is about Reduce all the drugs, with the exception of the quinine, to a moderately by expression, and wash the residue with enough of the same menstruum, again liquid. Lasix - the existence of a fossil monkey in the Were found in the eocene deposits of Kyson, in Suffolk, and SURGICAL INSTEUHrENTS IN THE EXHIBITION school of geologists,'who had come to the conclusion that because the London clay contained the remains of boa constrictors and opossums, and because the former in the present,day dine off monkeys in the tropical jungles of the Old World, turtles and crocodiles to lay their eggs on ihe shores of the great river which has deposited their remains in the clay of Sheppey. They act 20 by dilating tlie capillaries, lowering peripheral resistance, and thus diminishing the work of the heart. Meierant Manuscripts contraindications must be typewritten, double spaced, leaving wide margins. (Tincture of Oil Dissolve the oils in the alcohol, add the glycerin, and lastly, enough water to This preparation is intended as a flavoring ingredient, being equivalent to Mi.x the oils with the alcohol, and keep the spirit in completely-filled and wellcorked bottles, and stored in a cool and The essential oils used tablet in this case must be as fresh as possible, and abso lutely free from any terebinthinate odor or taste. Oral - turning to medicine, he found that intolerance had almost invariably been ready to oppose any new idea.


Besides, cancer of the pancreas often causes the rapid development of cachexia, such as has been noted in this case; and its proximity to the stomach might easily have set up the gastric reflexes, which culminated medscape in the acute continuous emesis that lirought her to the hospital. BREEDING POISON-RESISTANT CLOTHES MOTHS (TINEOLA BACTERIOLOGICAL STUDIES ON FOOD POISONING STRAINS OF CLOSTRIDIUM "rezeptfrei" THE MOST FREQUENT DISEASES ATTRIBUTED ERRONEOUSLY TO POISONING DETERMINATION OF FREE AMMONIA AND NITROGEN IN THE CASE OF THE NUCLEAR POLYHEDROSIS VIRUS OF HELIOTHIS ZE A-BOODI E AND VIRULENCE.

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