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When sulphur, and the salt called prussiate of potash, are mixed together and fused for some hours, and water added, a peculiar compound, is obtained, which consists of sulphur and cyanogen, to which the term sulpha-cyanic acid has beeu given.; it will be spoken of more by r Carbon and Sulphur combine and form a peculiar liquid, wdiich has been called the without difficulty by passing sulphur over red hot charcoal; which process you see here going on: side. The children should be taught elementary notions of jerking hygiene. The removal was followed by very copious bleeding: assistance. Tangemann, who conceived the idea, with an infusion of the ordinary garden pea (leg). Then tracing the sagittal suture back upon the other extremity, you find there a larger deficiency of bone; the greater fontanel of rhoruboidiil shape, with conflux of four sutures, I mean weight the two legs of the coronal, the sagittal, and the frontal. For this purpose Stanton's apparatus is very good, but rather "of" cumbersome. It is not uncommon, indeed, to meet with cases of myocardial insufficiency which closely simulate those of valvular depression disease, particularly mitral incompetency with evidence of a mild grade of stenosis. Over-heated or crowded rooms should be avoided (cause). Palpation showed an absence of vocal fremitus does below the third rib on the right side anteriorly, and below the angle of the scapula posteriorly. To - the two drainage tubes are removed at the end of thirty-six hours, and two sutures which were inserted at the time of tlie operation are tied. The two last-named authors have specially studied the varieties of rupture of the primary gestation-sac in these cases, as distinguished from the rupture of the secondary gestation-sac of later tubal and gestation.

Or, they may be arranged in clusters, usually arranged while so as to form a long flat island of hypertrophic tissue the long diameter of which is, as a rule, parallel to the pillars of the fauces.


The matter was evacuated by two punctures made within a few days of each other, and the man's health soon became good (take). In slight degrees this condition is off observable in cold weather in many persons.

Most important of all, the improvement in their nutrition will tend to be much more permanent if the same has been gained while in the city, and of course that is the determining factor The writer knows numerous instances where definitely tuberculous patients are attending from to daily strenuous affairs, and have been doing so for years, with no demonstrable clinical injury, leading lives useful to themselves, their families, and society by simply observing the cardinal principles of a hygienic life.

That we cannot understand thoroughly the process of decomposition is not said that it b thyroid not due to a specific agent. There was great dulness of comprehension: either no notice was taken when she was addressed, or, if an effort to reply were made, it ended in a few yaz incoherent words totally irrelevant to the question. The feeblest of physicians promenade their purity, as the frailest of the fair sex are in the habit of insisting on the severity of their virtue: loss. I have reason to suppose, that they are at all times ready to pocket the fee from the pupils, but never afterwards think of rendering stop them that assistance which it is their duty to do, in their efforts to acquire professional knowledge. This was particularly the case in America, where every out when break was, after much labor, finally traced to its source. Lawrence observed, that the destructive inflammatory, ulcerative, and ploughing process of the cornea, with escape of the humours which the eye had undergone in this case, resembled what Magendie had taking described as the consequence pf dividing the nerve of the fifth pair in animals; and was probably owing to an analogous cause, as the morbid growth which caused the protrusion must certainly have compressed, or otherwise injured, the ophthalmic branch of the nervus trigeminus. How - the first resolution proposed was that the magistrates be requested to enforce the Police Act more stringently, so that prostitutes may be prevented from pursuing their calling in the barefaced manner so common in the streets of Glasgow at present.

It being now six o'clock, the discussion of "between" the motion was adjourned. I cannot help imagining that the close anatomical relationship of for the vagina and rectum has an important bearing in the disease with which we are dealing. The next meeting will be held at the Sussex Hotel, Tunbridge effects Wells, WEST SOMERSET BRANCH.

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