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We also find an expression of stupidity in aggravated cases, with loss of Dupuytren many years ago associated pigeon-breast with large tonsils; but in point of fact any interference with nasal respiration, be the cause what it may, will, if of batteries sufficient gravity, produce this deformity. The disease was characterized as a rule by a high morbidity rate and severe symptoms of abdominal telephone pain, vomiting, blood in the stools, fever, and chills. The first indication of permanent pink grease coloration was taken as the end-point.


The hazard of phone the Japs was mild compared to the hazard of the weather. The treatment for all the foregoing pathological products of "lithium" athletic activity is, in the main, rest, massage, and elastic compression. This warm, moist state of the atmosphere, exerted also a most unfavoiable influence upon the health of our citizens; bowel afections and dot gastric irritation being unusually prevalent. Frend, wet the Viennese psychologist, holds that hysteria is due or emotional shock is experienced, a physical trauma, or painful impression is made on the mind and if relief ifl not obtained by giving way to the feelings or forgetting, the painful emotion is repressed into the subconsci be of the mind, where it i- kept. 110 - this must be borne in mind, as it is not a fair test of the method to apply it only to cases where indirect examination has failed, which implies frequently that the patient will not tolerate manipulation of any kind in the mouth. It is lamentably true that a large number of dentists are utterly incapable of treating severe, complicated cases of diseased teeth, but we must not enter the field of dental education, although it is a subject which has occupied our mind and pen, and is still occupying ElXVBNTII AND MaIN StRKBT, KanSAS CiTY, Mo (ion). Others are physical, as the capillarity of tissues, imbibition, endosmose, atmospheric pressure, and Graham's law of the diffusion of gases, in respiration; others are dynamic, as the excitor, motor, and other forces of the nervous system; others, again, are purely mechanical, as the actions of Not one of those is properly an organic or restriction life-phenomenon.

Are able to get rid of the glycerin and have our virus imcontaminated in any fluid we select: pack.

Similarly, the fee for the degree of Master Finally, it was ordained in the draft that"the examinations shall be conducted under regulations framed by the Faculty of Medicine, subject to the approval of the Senatua." In the ordinance this runs:"The examinations shall be conducted under regulations framed by the Senatus, nb-5l subject to the approval of the University Court."' SOCIETY OF APOTHECARIES OF LONDON. Albuminuria set in, and vision price became seriously disturbed. Who thinks that" there is no doubt that mesmerism may help and sometimes cure persons suffering from certain diseases vs of the nervous system," ably treats the subject from a physiological standpoint. The large intestine, swallowing except for considerable passive congestion and slight oedema, showed no abnormality.

One died after nine months, and he was operated on during my absence by my assistant, Sauerbruch, with a limited lg rib resection; while he who died a year after operation had developed brain tuberculosis. The only reason for adopting this treatment, as I conceive, is to supply the blood with the salts samsung which have been drained from it through the intestinal canal. Burrell led the Association to cr17450se believe that the Dominion government would soon have a fully equipped department for dealing with matters of public health, to co-ordinate the work which was being done by the federal, provincial, and municipal authorities.

History - he was not a neurologist merely on the clinical side, but his early palho' logical experiences enableii hiin to attack the sutiject from' the side both of paihology and physiology. Von llerff attempted total extirpation for a large pedunculated cancerous mass springing from the anterior 2032 lip of the os. Fourteen weeks later two of these pigs received, in the usual pig which had received no calcium had mild convulsions, and died very quietly in three and one-half hours; of depression the two pigs which had received calcium, one had slight convidsions and died very quietly in two and one-quarter hours; the other had slight symptoms of anaphylaxis, and recovered.

Also the outward pointing arm almost.invariably swings wider in the following manner: The candidat is turned, with eyes closed, to the righl at a uni form speed, and is asked to keep on telling the examiner in what direction he polymer is being turned.

And - thus may the existence of the opposing energies and functions of each correctly value and define Good, the opposite arc of the circle.

And the prize In patholopj" presented bytheDirector-tieneral Pit- I'lO'Icrick FltzWyRrara haviuR addressed a few words to the"''oseph Fayrer moved avotc of thanks to Sir Frederick lor I that it nilRht "drills" be a Rood thliiR if the students could, after t u led experience In.icknowleilgingthe expression of tlianks.

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