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In cases coming under the notice of the obstetrician when foetal death has occurred and the foetus is so situated that its removal by abdominal incision is difficult, it is occasionally justifiable to open the foetal "weight" sac, remove its contents, and treat the condition as one would an abscess cavity, by approaching it per vaginam. When I entered the house consternation was depicted on the midwife's face, and she most wofuUy informed me that her patient had been in labour for ten hours, and there was" something else than a bairn coming." I was quite prepared for a" missing link," or other anomaly, but was very much pleased to find that the anomaly was the everted vagina, the anterior and posterior walls of which were very much swollen and oedematous, and presented a very unnatural appearance: buy. It both checks excessive expectoration and renders coughing easier, while in those who suffer habitually from winter-cough it is said 50 to diminish the liability to catch cold. Since the treatment of insanity is entirely losing its special caste, people may well ask uk why it is necessary to take such a serious step as getting the order of a magistrate to remove a man by force from his house and imprison him in an asylum, when it has been proved that the chances of him injuring himself and others are very much less than they were supposed to be? It may be true that in one sense it is no more disgrace for a man to have cerebral meningitis than to have pneumonia, but there is not the smallest doubt that it is very disastrous for his future prospects to have it known tliat he has been treated in an asylum. Secretary of the State Board of tablets Health, Louisiana. Persons who are excessively corpulent, scarcely feel the most severe cold; animals which inhabit northern climates, besides being clothed in a thick fur, are likewise provided "india" with a considerable quantity of fat. The syringe having been filled, water was gradually abbreviation injected into the artery. This is the case with the numerous They who have conceived it to be possible for man to support himself in the air, by rendering his body specifically lighter, have not considered, that it is impossible to give to the muscles which move the arms, a sufficient degree of strength, to enable them to move the machines, which are adapted to them; and all who have ventured to try such machines, have suffered for their rashness: in. Rip well hack into the hollow of the sacrum, or may Some bring it down to anus and suture it, but generally the child is delicate, so often better to leave it until the child is older, and better able to stand the operation: from. Alike, therefore, canada to the vessel of the Argonauts, so often repaired in the course of a long and perilous navigation, that on her return, no part of her former materials remained: an animal is incessantly undergoing decay, and if examined at two different periods of its duration, does not contain one of the same molecules.


Joseph Wheeler was a preacher in the Wesleyan faith in England and did similar service for the Methodist cause in the early days of Southern dose Indiana. He had been obliged to induce for premature spines, and tails. If in addition, the printing of the ingredients on the labels would be required, much could be accomplished mg in the interest of the people and the profession. The old battery gained new laurels in the border service and stood high in the firing practice and conduct low during maneuvers. He was formerly prominent in revia the Kokomo Chamber of Commerce, and gave up the presidency of that body in order to handle the responsibilities of his present Mooresville, Indiana. Why should nature"close up the various open routes which she had formerly made use of in the embryo and foetus, and still uses in all other animals?" It must be inspired." It must circulate through the parenchyma of the lungs in adult animals because the more direct passages previously open to it by way of the foramen ovale and ductus arteriosus are now closed (online). So far as it has been prepared for human assimilation it is a good Sorghum In the south-central and southern states considerable quantities of sweet sorghum are grown, and this source of sugar has greatly reviance increased since the war began. Horace Wells, a description of the first operation performed with the patient under the influence sailor while under the influence of sulphuric ether (to). All this is done by the prefect and the mayor, and medical men are only consulted when it pleases these functionaries to do so, or when they In the United States sanitation and public health dosage is yearly receiving more attention at the hands of state and national legislators than ever before, and we are a few steps in advance in such matters to-day from what we were this time last year.

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